Sunday, 9 August 2009

AuVest WOD 8/10/2009

Jonah Harris with a 225# clean and jerk.  Why the vest, you ask?  Because he can.

10 minutes max handstand pushups
5 minutes max air squats
2 minutes max pullups
1 minute max pushups

Do not rest between exercises.  Post total reps to comments.


  1. This looks freaking horrible!! THANKS BULLFROG YA JERK!!!

  2. no way i can do hspu with my crappy vest - it would slide down and break my jaw

    will try them with the vest in my back pack

  3. HSPU- 40
    Squats - 152
    Pull ups - 24
    Push Ups - 19

    135 total reps

    HSPU without the vest

  4. also tried some big box jumps onto 3 tractor tires - got one good one and one bigg fall onto concrete. Wrist is a bit sore as is hip but got it on video so at least we have that top laugh at later

  5. box jump - WIN

    box jump - FAIL

  6. As rx'd:
    HSPU: 30
    Air squats: 145
    Pullups: 40
    Pushups: 38
    Total: 253

    Energy levels are much improved this week. First week of getting back onto a strict Zone wreaked hell on my performance.

  7. yuck...

    15# vest as follows

    20 hspu
    130 squats
    16 pullups
    10 pushups

    176 total reps

    note: hspu were 1/2 to 3/4 of full depth range...just couldn't make it happen!

    Ps: I think Davie added wrong??

  8. 70 HSPU
    218 squats
    46 pullups
    25 pushups (lack of oxygen plus Jacob-enforced strict attention to form = embarassingly low numbers)

    Total = 359

    Ouch. I invented this workout, so it's only right that it should have hurt me this much. I had it coming.

    Afterwards I worked on my front squat and ring pushup form, then did some vestless ring muscleup work. Got up to 4 muscleups without a false grip, and then a single deadhang muscleup with no false grip, and then a single deadhang L-muscleup with no false grip.

  9. 62 HSPU
    115 Squats
    34 Pullups
    40 Pushups

    Head to the deck on the HSPU, and B2H air squats. Paced too much on the squats.

  10. Davie: that was a gnarly fall! hope your ok!

  11. HSPU's- Sandbag between legs- 46
    Squats- Sandbag on Shoulders- 141
    Pullups- Kettlebell hung between legs- 21
    Pushups- Sandbag on back- 36
    Still don't have a vest- sandbags and kettlebell 27lbs was really strict on form HSPU's head touched ground everytime.

  12. yeah I cant count and im ok , wrist and hip a bit sore

  13. AS RXD
    HSPU-31 head to floor
    Pushups-34 didnt have much time left when finally caught my breath from pullups.
    Did 5 rounds of:
    500m row
    10 ghd situps
    10 back extensions
    for warm up

  14. hspu-49
    this sucked

  15. Dumbassery

    10 minutes max hspu (piked-not real) 86 reps
    5 minutes max squats 114 reps
    2 minutes max pullups 19
    1 minute max pushups 19 at the buzzer


  16. 20+141+26+26 = 213
    head to floor hspu and chest to floor pushup
    note: I am bad at HSPU

  17. 40 HSPU
    192 Squats
    41 pull-ups
    45 press-ups

    I suck @ HSPU's! I was lazy thru the squats and an existing tear opened up on the pull-ups. I'm disappionted to say the least!