Sunday, 2 August 2009

AuVest WOD 8/3/2009

This has nothing to do with CrossFit, or AuVest.  I posted it because NO ONE IS SENDING ME THEIR AUVEST PICTURES (except TexasPatrick, of course.)  Also because, you know...Chuck Norris.

Rest Day

What are your thoughts on AuVest so far?  For those of you who'd never used the vest before, what's the difference?  For those who have, what's it like having people to compete against, and knowing that for this month you HAVE to do the WODs vested, rather than by your own perverse choice?

Post thoughts to comments.


  1. I've been training primarily with a weight vest for most of 2009. I started because an ankle and knee injury limited the amount of exercises I could do. I was looking for variety.

    It turns out this was a good choice. Movements that I had grown comfortable with became entirely new experiences with the vest. And while I'm not sure of it, I have a hunch that the pressure of the vest strengthened my lung capacity. After a 5 month hiatus from running, I returned having lost very little speed or endurance. Soon I began to get faster than I had ever been.

    My bodyweight exercises have improved markedly as well. My PR for CTB pullups was 32 in December 2008. In may I hit that with the additional weight of the vest. Now I am probably good for more. In May of 2008 I did 11 rounds of Mary. A week ago I did 11 rounds with the vest on.

    My barbell strength and power have suddenly improved, without focusing on it, and without gaining weight. I have added 15 lbs. to my press, 15 lbs. to my clean, and 35 lbs. to my deadlift. I suspect that my body adapted to the burden of supporting the vest by getting stronger as well. I was not anticipating that the vest would improve my maximal strength, but it did.

  2. My soul is filled with jealousy at the amount of vest work you guys get to do while I go to my shitty college globo.

    Someday, I am going to purchase a vest named Oda Nobunaga and revel in the glory that is constricted breathing and increased body mass.

    Have a great month!

  3. Never used a vest before running in the thing on Friday. My wife said I looked like a suicide bomber. So in addition to a boy name Sue, there's now a vest named Sue. Sue E. Cide, since I'm self-evidently trying to kill myself. I was surprised I could even do one pullup or ring dip. The running I knew I could do . . . just didn't know how it would suck. Once I got past the vest jostling around, I was fine. Slow. But fine. And by fine, I mean crossfit in the middle of workout fine, where I'm 51% sure I won't die, for the first 50% of the workout . . . my hamstrings were getting FRIED. Like just before they start cramping up.

    I want to see what happens tonight, with the push press/KTE/Tuck jump (tried the vested DUs, and they ain't gonna happen without some work. )

  4. Though defining weakness it seems with my work atm, Auvest has been most excellent thus far.

    Regards from myself and my vest, "Caïssa".

  5. I took a picture of myself and I felt super stupid doing it! Didn't send it cuz it didn't turn out too well...

  6. Jake-

    I will start sending more pics for the blog. I hear bridge trolls and dwarvish men are still popular after LOTR.

    I've worn body armor and other such kit for very long periods of time in the past and so I know exactly how bad this sucks. It hasn't gotten any more fun as I've gotten older. It still sucks. Ny vest is some faggoty Gold's Gym thing, so we're not best friends right now and I hate when the straps "crinkle" instead of laying flat - just adds to the suckage.

    But I like trying some new challenge and you talked me into this, Tsypkin. Was surprised at how well I handled the 400's in the vest. My times were still respectable - I would have thought they would be destroyed, but let's not get too happy yet. There's a long month ahead.