Tuesday, 4 August 2009

AuVest WOD 8/5/2009

Alex looking fresh while taking a relaxing break between rounds during "Imminent Death."

ANNOUNCEMENT:  This Saturday (8/8) the WOD will be a 5k run.  I'm posting this now because I want you to have time to find the hottest, steepest, ugliest 5k you can.  Ideally it should be steep enough to induce mild vertigo, and you should have to fight off a minimum of one wild, predatory animal per kilometer.

25-20-15-10-5 for time:
Box Jumps, 24"

Post time to comments.


  1. A: fuck, i new there'd be weighted box jumps. not cool.
    B: run is fine., I don't care, doesn't compare to box jumps
    c: thanks for posting the RUN prior to my big party on Saturday night. Appreciate that BIG TIME!

  2. i dont know who boosie girl is but she cracks me up. i have to work at the fire station saturday so i will just have to put treadmill on incline and maybe punch a fellow firefighter in the mouth if they walk by to simulate fighting wild animals

  3. Jonah:

    Please, please, PLEASE send me a picture of you running on a treadmill in a weight vest and punching a firefighter, in full gear, square in the mouth. PLEASE.

  4. Jonah: Greetings from AuVest wod, 8/4! And yes, we do want a picture of that treadmill run..

  5. As rx'd - 8:40

    That was hard.

  6. As Rx'd- 9:10 not a good time for me. I need a real vest my makeshift one isn't cutting it

  7. I bowed out...i'm too old for that many weighted jumps with my stupid back.


    15# vest did:

    400 M run
    15 bb thrusters (45#)
    15 20" step ups
    2 rope climbs
    about 17 minutes.

  8. 6:25 wasnt too bad. but since i weigh 240 and weighed 275 bout 6 months ago and could do pullups and box jumps then its just like bein my old self with the vest on.lol

  9. 6:33
    WTF jonah beat me!!!!!!!!!!!fuck yall
    25 lb load.

  10. not surprised that you beat me tho Russ.Pretty sure your gonna get me on a quite a few of these

  11. A wee bit late to the party but Jacob has allowed me to come and play with you guys

    10kg vest which my son has named "Vestie"

    time 11mins 23secs

    Think that is the first time I have done weighted box jumps...they suck

  12. Done on 8/10 (begging the forgiveness of the Auvestry MMA/BJJ workouts taking the schlitz out of my 39 year-old hide).

    9:59, as rx'd.

    Pacing was off. I thought this would be much harder and really eased into it and then realized that it wasn't going to be some kind of 20 min slog. Even still, calf pull from a few days ago came back on the box jumps (done to a pelican case stacked on top of my old foot locker - I think it measured a bit over 24").

    I'm playing catch up. Will get 5K and the power snatches done after court tomorrow.