Friday, 7 August 2009

AuVest WOD 8/8/2009

Mike Lee getting some vested power snatches.

Run 5k

Find the hottest, steepest, ugliest 5k you can and run it for time! Take some pictures and send them to

Post time to comments.


  1. great photo

    5km run with crappy weigtd vest in back pack - 28mns 35secs

  2. Time: High Noon.
    Temperature: 90 degrees Fahrenheit 32 degrees French.
    Distance: no clue. It's a trail out back of my house usually takes 24 minutes to run two loops.
    Work prior to running: 3x5 front squats ending at 175 and 16 reps at 175 back squat.
    Animals encountered: None. But I trespassed on the land of a Texan so the run wasn't completely free of danger.
    Highlights: Ipod "bouncing" and thus shuffling 10 times in the first 200 yards . . . burrs getting all over my shorts inside and out . . . concrete barrier climb (a bulldozed pile of broken concrete)

    31:19. I un-heart you JBT . . .

  3. Didn't have time to drive to the really nasty mountain trails around me so I just ran 3.8 miles to make up for it. And I didn't come across any vicious animals but I did dodge cars and I saw a frog and KICKED it really hard because I was thinking of Jacob programming this run the entire time- 28:14 w/30lb ruck sack

  4. Time: 7:30p.m.
    Tempreture: 35 degrees C and 75% humidity; i'm very sure my vest gained a few kgs from all the sweat it absorbed.

    Distance: 5k through the dark lonely desert of Bahrain; i have encountered snakes scorpions and wild dogs (thanks to them i probably cut a few minutes of my time)

    For a time probably between 32-34mins; will try and send you some pictures soon.

  5. Garland ranch trail, 20 lb. vest - 31:07.

  6. Didn't bad. Believe me, Davie already called me out for whinning...whatever.

    Walked into the gym "Robin, work out with us!" etc etc. So:
    I did the Saturday am wod at the gym VESTED. It was:
    Farmers carry 100 yards
    21 wallballs
    15 pullups
    9 db pushups
    3 rounds and the #'s switched each rnd.
    Anyway: 15 minutes.
    Scared animals: all my new clients watching a 5'3" girl wearing a vest and beating them! haha

  7. My comment got deleted for some reason but I did 27m 55s

  8. 5.7 miles,just wanted to run 53 min,hills out the fuckin yin yang,calves quads hams were upset w me.its also 100 degrees here with 1000000% humidity

  9. 4.5Km (+10Kg)

    Set out and ran...then google earthed it afterward and realised i was 500m short. Still......enjoyable and good fun seeing the weekend warrior runners faces.